...Dave Camwell’s arrangement of J.S. Bach’s Partita in A minor, BWV 1013 is well presented and would be a welcomed addition to any studio library.

Dr. Ashley Kelly, National Association of College Wind & Percussion Instructors Journal, Winter, 2018

...Dave Camwell’s arrangement of the last movement from Sonata No. 3 BWV 1005 for solo violin addresses

many areas of concern for soloists and breathes new life into this historic piece of music.

...Dave Camwell’s arrangement of Allegro Assai from Sonata No. 3, BWV 1005 is delightfully written and deserves further attention.

...it would make an excellent addition to any chamber music or solo recital and would be an

excellent way to connect students to music from this time period.

Dr. Ashley Kelly, National Association of College Wind & Percussion Instructors Journal, Winter, 2018

(Click on the picture to purchase via Jeanne Publications)

(Click on the picture to purchase via Jeanne Publications)

...While other publications of four-part chorales arranged specifically for

saxophone quartet exist, Camwell’s collection is the most extensive...

...advanced players and established saxophone quartets would find these arrangements especially satisfying and challenging...

...Camwell’s edition allows for creativity, spontaneity and individual expression...

Dr. Heidi Radtke - TheSaxophonist,org

January, 2018

Teal Creek Music

Teal Creek Music TC-2049

"They sustain and shape the lines so musically, phrase them so naturally and songfully, and tune their instruments together so truly and beautifully that they let me hear details and connections I’d never noticed before (and I've heard this music a lot in the original form).  Felix, I'd like to imagine, would have loved it as much as I did." - Barney Sherman, Host of Iowa Public Radio Classical
Teal Creek Music

Timescape Teal Creek Music TC-2022

...This is a great programme of music, with many personal favourites including in particular the Bach Double Concerto and Poulenc Trio for Oboe, Bassoon and Piano. The arrangements, which are mainly by Dave Camwell himself, are for interesting and unusual combinations of instruments, featuring a number of different performers. This is a most effective demonstration of how the saxophone interacts and blends with other instruments in unconventional pairings or groups. - Alison Owen-Morley, Saxofonix UK

...I highly encourage you to purchase this CD and let all the talented musicians on this album transport you through time. - Emma Di Marco, Australian Clarinet and Saxophone Journal Vol. 16, issue 1.

......Camwell plays with a pleasant sound and assured phrasing, and he has the fingers to match his artistic intent. He boasts equal command of the soprano and the alto saxophones, and he blends well into a solid supporting cast... - American Record Guide

...this Indianola-based artist has created a varied, engaging recital of music from four centuries, some in arrangements, some brand-new. - Barney Sherman, Iowa Public Radio

...Camwell’s performance on the Bach is crisp, and he does an excellent job in balancing his part with the other members of the original ensemble (i.e., oboe and piano), considering he is substituting for the violin...Camwell and ensemble members present a convincing portrait of this music and its unique nuances. Dave Camwell’s CD, Timescape, is a collection of compositions spanning a wide spectrum of time, but is creatively woven together by stellar performances and intriguing musical selections...producing a flowing momentum that not only sings, but also crackles with vigor and resolve. - Frank Bongorno, Saxophone Today

...The overarching emotion is one of unbridled joy—infectious at every turn. Stravinsky-like punctuation keeps everyone on their toes before the goal of reaching higher, then still higher—topped off by a delightfully furious trill—paves the way for a collective shriek of delight to bring this musical rollercoaster to a spectacular conclusion. - James Wegg Review.

"Saxophonist Dave Camwell's third release on Teal Creek is an odyssey of saxophone music (or arranged for saxophone) through the centuries, from Bach to Reich, via Paganini. Most of the repertoire, though, is from the 20th and 21st centuries: Poulenc, Reich, Touchi, Mellits, and Peterson. Camwell's playing is really impressive and the clear production offers an ideal backdrop for such a talented performer." - Thomas Deneuville, I Care If You Listen

Bach-Centric (2010) 
Teal Creek Music

Bach-Centric (2010) Teal Creek Music TC-2019