Saxophone Concerto by Robert W. Smith

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UPDATE: the consortium filled its 30-member quota in less than 8 hours. Saxophonists are welcome to still apply and be placed on the waiting list in case a spot opens up.

Consortium: Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Symphonic Band

Three Conversations with Matisse Robert W. Smith's FIRST featured solo work for alto sax!

Dave Camwell and Robert W. Smith are pleased to announce an open invitation to all interested saxophonists to participate in a new consortium commission of a new concerto composed for alto saxophone by Robert W. Smith. While Smith's catalogue is extensive at over 700 published works, this new concerto will serve as his FIRST featured soloist work for the saxophone. The composition will be a 12-15 minute concerto for alto saxophone and symphonic band; a saxophone and piano version will also be created. Participation is limited to 30 saxophonists. The subscription fee of $150 (US dollars) per saxophonist must be received by Dave Camwell by February 1st, 2020, in order to ensure participation. Subscribing members of the consortium will receive an autographed, numbered score and set of parts. Delivery of scores will be made by March 6, 2020; the work will likely be premiered at the NASA biennial conference by Dave Camwell in its saxophone & piano form. 

All participants will have a one-year exclusivity agreement on performances before the piece is made available for the general public. Consortium members will be listed in the published score for recognition of participation. 

Payments may be made by personal check, PayPal or Venmo to “Dr. Dave Camwell - Smith Concerto”. For further information and indication of interest, please contact Dave Camwell at dcamwell@troy.edo and/or Robert W. Smith at

Cost: $150 
When will I get it? Sax/Piano version in March, 2020. Concerto version in Summer, 2020. 

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Exclusivity: 1 year, from March 2020 to March 2021.
Contact: Dave Camwell ( or FB Messager