Martin Hybler and Covert Ensemble

Covert Ensemble is excited to announce a consortium that will result in an accessible and pleasing new double concerto for saxophone duo (soprano & alto saxophones), strings, piano by Martin Hybler. The work will be approximately 12-15 minutes, divided into three movements, featuring virtuoso sax parts along with jazz, pop and avant-garde compositional elements. 

All consortium members will receive PDF copies of all parts and score by June 1st, 2022, and exclusivity of performance rights until June 1st, 2023. The cost of being in this consortium is $50 USD, and will be limited to just twenty saxophonists in addition to Dave Camwell and Katerina Pavlikova. All members will have their names listed on the score as well as the two solo saxophone parts.

We have chosen to partner with Martin as his music embodies our ensemble ethos of exciting and progressive compositions that are accessible to mainstream audiences. This is music that is intended to be of interest to orchestras so that it will ACTUALLY BE PROGRAMMED! We want this music to be PLAYED, not to gather dust.

Martin Hybler studied composition and conducting at Prague Conservatory, then he graduated from the Prague Academy of Performing Arts. His dissertation on modern orchestra instrumentation was officially published. He enriched his education by research fellowships abroad, specifically at Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hamburg, and international composing classes ISA in Austrian Mürzzuschlag. 

Martin Hybler has written 42 opuses of contemporary music, including scores for symphonic orchestras, chamber music and solo works. 

His compositions were performed at many international festivals such as Prague Spring, Klagenspuren Festival in Innsbruck, Prague Premieres, MusicOlomoc, Silk Sound Road in Biškek. His works were also played throughout Europe(Slovakia, England, France, Germany) and in the USA. His very last composition was specially written as commissioned work for The Prague Spring Competition. Hybler’s works were performed by eminent Czech groups and personalities such as Prague Philharmonia, conductor Jakub Hrůša, oboist Vilém Veverka, ensemble Moens, and the Philharmonic Octet. 

Hybler’s works can be found in publishing houses such as Triga, Musica Mundana Musikverlag, Baerenreiter, Schott. ossover projects. He teaches at Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Martin is a founding member of the initiative IMUZA.

Examples of Martin's Compositional style